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• Up to 25% in gas savings with axial airflow, tight construction, and reversing cylinders

• Auto Stop ensures the dryer stops running when the linens are dry. Saves time and energy while preserving linen life.

• Best lint screen in the industry - easiest and quickest to clean, ergonomically designed

• Extra large door opening for easy loading and unloading

• Excellent water evaporation efficiency per kWh

• Reversing drums (standard) reduces energy consumption, prevents tangling and wrinkling. Improves efficiency – and laundry dries more quickly

• Fresh air intake adapter acquires air from a location outside the dryer area. Useful when dryers are installed in interior or air-conditioned space.

• 120 volt, single-phase for easy installation

• Available in 35 lb., 50 lb., 67 lb., 83 lb., 100 lb. and 135 lb. capacities.

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