Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Equipment

Hardmount Washer- Extractors

Performance and reliability proven to outlast the competition.

A heavy-duty design meets superior machine mechanics to form the industry’s most trusted hardmount washer-extractor.

Capacity    Available in 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100 lb 


   SC020   SC030   SC040   SC060   SC080   SC100

Softmount Washer- Extractors

Uncompromising performance and versatility

Our softmount washer-extractor provides the power and performance you’d expect from a hardmount unit, with the versatility to accommodate your space when mounting to the floor isn’t an option

Capacity    Available in 20, 25, 30, 40, 55, 70, 90 and 125 lb capacities 


 SYN020   SYN025    SYN030    SYN040   SYN055   SYN070   SYN090   SYN125

Frontload Washers

Everything a washer should be.

Innovative technologies combine with revolutionary design to form a front load washer that delivers unprecedented wash quality and minimizes operational costs.

Capacity    Available in a 21.5 lb capacity




Stack Washer / Dryers

A whole new level of efficiency.

Speed Queen® stack washer/dryers offer all of the power and performance you’ve come to expect from our conventional washers and dryers–while taking up half the space.

Capacity    Available in 21 and 18 lb capacities



Stacked Washer-Extractor/Tumble Dryers

Maximize Space

Speed Queen’s stacked washer-extractor/tumble dryer, featuring the Quantum Touch control, is a unique product that truly delivers return on investment.

Capacity    Available in 30 and 50 lb capacities