Laundromat Equipment

Express Laundry Center™ is a proven and complete turnkey

solution for new vended laundries – a brand free of

franchise restrictions, costs and red tape. Express Laundry

Centers deliver huge advantages to investors, including a

mix of high-speed ExpressWash Washers and complementing

drying tumblers; branded store services, marketing and

public relations support; and management and operational

assistance. Express Laundry Center is a complete store

solution available to investors only through Continental Girbau.

Express Laundry

The Express Laundry Center Difference

By choosing an Express Laundry Center over a traditonal hard-mount washer store, a 3,500 sq ft laundry can save an estimated $32,423 per year in utility costs alone. How? Express Laundry Centers utilize high-speed Continental E-Series washer-extractors that are designed to alleviate rising operational costs. Through a number of unique engineering elements and superior owner programibility, they curb gas, water and electricity usage while increasing customer turnover during peak hours.

E-Series also delivers more washing capacity from a smaller footprint laundry- reducing profit guzzling costs such as rent, which accounts for over 20% of the average laundry's gross revenue. In addition, they install easily without bolts or concrete foundations.

       The High Speed Difference

So what's the difference between high speed E-Series machines and traditional  hard mount washers? E- Series washers are freestanding,enabling extract speeds up to 354 G-force. Traditional hard mount washers normally only achieve extract speeds between 70 and 90 G-force. The high G-force extraction removes more water from each load-cutting dry-time and resulting gas usage by up to 50% when compared with most hardmount washers. This translates to dollars saved and money earned.

       Increase Customer Turnover

The reduction in dry time that an Express Laundry Center offers enables most customers to complete their laundry-wash and dry- in 60 minutes or less compared to the 75 minutes required to complete laundry in a hard mount store. By processing more customers, storeowners will have more tunrs per day. In a business that thrives on peak business hours, this can mean significantly greater profits per day. In turn, customers spend less time doing laundry. And, that's what customers want.






       Maximizing Efficiency

The average self-service laundry dedicates more than 25 percent of it's gross revenue to utilities, according to  a Coin Laundry Association industry  survey. No wonder 79 percent  of the storeowners surveyed say skyrocketing utility costs are their primary concern. E-Series High-Performance Washer-Extractors are designed to alleviate rising operational costs. They curb gas,water and electricity usage by bringing together a number of unique engineering elements including a freestanding and sump-less design, high-speed G-force extract, exclusive AquaFall and AquaMixer systems and superior owner programibility.






   Control Flexibility

The highly programmable CC Control puts storeowners in the driver's seat! Unlike most washers on the market, E-Series allows programmability of G-force extract, mechanical action, wash temperature (by degree), water levels and wash/rinse/extract time in each phase. The control's flexibility allows multi-level vend pricing on the same machine depending on the wash program selected,time of day, or day of week. Therefore, vend prices change easily according to each program's energy-efficency. Through proper programming, self service laundries can also curb gas and water usage and effectively shorten the time it takes customers to complete their laundry.




        Easy Installation

Unlike hard-mount washers, E-Series are installed without concrete foundations,grout and bolts. Just slide into place, level and connect utilities. It's possible thanks to the Multi Directional Spring (MDS) system that absorbs 95 percent of the machine's load energy. The MDS system enables high-speed extraction and expands machine locations including aread with wood or tile floors and above ground-level laundries- all with little or no floor preperation and cost. Operating on single-phase power, E-Series Washers consume less energy and are less costly to install than the industry-standard three-phase power units. In addition, the E-Series 20-pound capacity model plugs into a standard appliance outlet- elimnating the need for re-wiring and making it ideal replacement for less efficient toploads.

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