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Specialty Areas We Serve

At Haiges Machinery, We focus on on getting you the best equipment and service no matter your industry, you can count on us for all your laundry and dry cleaning needs. 


Contaminated protective gear exposes firefighters to potentially life-threatening chemicals, biological agents and particulate matter. If not dealt with properly, soiled protective gear can also pass on contaminants to the public at large. 

Veterinary Laundry equipment chicago,illinois,indiana,wisconsin

In any medical profession, an efficient laundry system is a must for a clean and sanitary operation—and veterinary clinics are no exception. Continental Girbau's E-Series Laundry Equipment provides the perfect blend of efficiency and quality to ensure veterinarians and their assistants can focus on helping animals instead of being tied down by the laundry process.

Salon Laundry, Spa Laundry chicago,illinois,indiana,wisconsin

In today's salons and spas, it's essential that towels, robes,capes and spa linens are perfectly, quickly and efficiently cleaned- ready for the net cut, color or spa treatment.


Girbau Industrial laundry products and systems are in place at industrial and commercial laundries throughout North America. Our laundry solutions deliver unrivaled productivity, labor savings and energy-efficiency. Girbau Industrial offers a comprehensive product offering to meet your operation's unique needs, including Continuous Batch Washing Systems, Batch Tunnel Washers, Washer-Extractors, Drying Tumblers, Feeders, Ironing Systems, Folders and Stackers.

Sports Laundry equipment chicago,illinois,indiana,wisconsin

Sports Laundry Systems are engineered to properly clean and disinfect athletic laundry–helping prevent the spread of viruses, superbugs and bacteria, including MRSA, HIV and hepatitis. This is critical to the safety and health of athletes and staff.

Laundromat equipment chicago,illinois,indiana,wisconsin

Express Laundry Center™ is a proven and complete turnkey solution for new vended laundries – a brand free of franchise restrictions, costs and red tape. Express Laundry Centers deliver huge advantages to investors, including a mix of high-speed ExpressWash Washers and complementing drying tumblers; branded store services, marketing and public relations support; and management and operational assistance. 


Michael & Heidi Wiley - Owners

Haiges has been a great partner for us since the beginning. We were rebuilding our first store and had just purchased our 2nd one.  John was able to assist with our needs, get answers to our questions and provided both equipment and service whenever we needed it! We have now outfitted 2 more stores and Haiges continues to be great partners from equipment selection, to delivery, and the best service and install team in the business! We’d highly recommend them to anyone seeking quality equipment with a company that has a knowledgeable install and service team. Haiges offers the trifecta.


Victoria Benson - Costume Manager

"It was great fun working with Connor & Reece and the entire staff at Haiges Machinery. The dryer install was smooth and we are excited to use it. Your service department is extremely professional and enjoyable. I look forward to working with you all again. Please put us down as a reference anytime !!!!! "